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Welcome to the home page for TerraVir Petroleum Land Services, Inc. TerraVir was incorporated in Texas in 2007, a firm providing Land Title Research, Lease Buying, Mapping and other Land Services.

TerraVir's principal partners, Lewis Williams, and Tracy Williams (no longer associated with the firm),  both began their careers in The East Texas Oil Field. With Dad Joiner's Daisy Bradford #3 Discovery Well, the "black giant" was born and mineral severance became the order of the day in early 1930's East Texas.

This is the famous photograph showing Dad Joiner and Doc Lloyd shaking hands, and the cool gentleman with the wind stirring his tie is H. L. Hunt. The short story is Dad Joiner was out of money by the time they had brought in and completed the third and only productive well. The discovery well was the Daisy Bradford #3, the first two wells failed to reach the Woodbine Sands. Dad Joiner was a very charming as well as clever man. At one time, he was on record as having checked out and presumably read more books from the Dallas Texas Library than any other person in Dallas County, Texas.

As it turned out, Dad Joiner had over-sold the prospect by an estimated 300%. With his new well producing Dad Joiner hid out in the top floor of a Dallas Hotel. Investors of every stripe were out for his hide. H. L. Hunt, the story goes, bribed a hotel bell boy and located the elusive Mr. Joiner. The two men sat in a hotel room and made a deal.

On November 26, with Joiner's interest in the Daisy Bradford #3 in a Rusk County Court receivership proceeding, Hunt bought his 5,000 acres of leases and the eighty-acre tract containing the Bradford No. 3 for $1,335,000, most of it to be paid in production payments.

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